Friendly suburb

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Since we can’t choose our neighbors, it seems that it is very important to have enough luck and move to a place where the neighbors will be nice people. In that case, besides people that live around your house or in your building, you will get friends too. That means that you will have people around you that will be here when you need something but also people that could be your company, sometimes even for drinking your morning coffee.Margaret lives in one friendly suburb. All the neighbors that live around her, are also good friends and they are always here for each other. When someone has a problem, the others are here to help. Few days ago, the friendly suburb got new neighbors. However, somehow while they were moving in, one of the new neighbors has lost few of his personal belongings. Margaret, together with her other neighbors, are here to help the new neighbors find his stuff and move in into his place without any problem. Let’s see what is going on in the friendly neighborhood.

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