Conjurer Of The Forest

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Evil witches, part of the fairy tales and the fantasy world that play role in our culture.Whether they exist or not, it is not important. What is important is that they are usually a symbol of evil and black magic, even though some stories are related to white magic. The witch in the following game is definitely evil and her acts ate not something that can not be justified.The evil witch of the forest has cast a terrible curse upon the residents of the near village. Something terrible happened in the village. All of the crops have turned into a dark color and all of the fruit has turned bitter. That means there is no fruit or vegetables for the villagers right? Those products were their only supplies. How will they spend the year?Since the situation is serious, something has to be done right away. Here are the three brave friends, Jane, Julie, and Mark, who took it upon themselves to confront the witch and end her evil curse in order to save their village. Let\'s help them and bring back everything as it was before.

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