Where Rails Meet

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Ok, like in every field, we have to admit that a person should have a special talent to be successful in the trade. There is a belief that everyone can become successful in life if he engages in trade, but no, not everyone can have that special sense that tells him which deal should be taken and which not; what can bring you money and what won\'t.But Richard is one of those people who have a talent for the trade. He is a traveling merchant always looking for the best deals. He can recognize an opportunity that will provide him a lot of money in return and it is something that can\'t be achieved just like that. Today, he is searching for valuable items at the place where the main cities connect by rails. He is bound to find something valuable before his train arrives.Let\'s take a look at Richard\'s situation and try to learn something useful about trading. Maybe we can learn something from the steps he prepared to take, to run his business successfully. Is the experience, knowledge, or that special sense that tells him, which step should he take?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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