Venice Quest

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Have you ever visited the city that has 417 bridges and 177 canals? The city with 350 gondolas and 400 gondoliers? Then the carnivals where people wear those specific masks, so lavish and beautiful, typical for this city... Yes, we are talking about Venice! The famous \'Floating City\', often described as one of the most picturesque cities and also famous by its striking architecture.Bianca will be our today\'s guide through the wonderful Venice. She will reveal us the beauties of this city, by taking us to the most notable places in the city. This travel will definitely be something that you\'ll remember your whole life but Bianca has some demands before the journey starts. She has prepared us few tasks that need to be fulfilled but don\'t be afraid, it won\'t be something complicated.Also, you will learn many new things by completing the tasks and you will get to know many new things as well. Let\'s see what has Bianca prepared for us and enjoy our stay in Venice, by discovering its amazing beauties.

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