Hiking Trail

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Olivia and Ethan love hiking. They do that since they were very small, so they know well what should they do when they are in nature. Nature and the mountains are their second home, and they know how to \"read the signs\" given by this natural habitat, know where to take the next step, where to be careful and when to stop. The two friends also love discovering new places and new tracks in the mountain near their homes. That is something they do at every given chance. Today, they decide to hike on a completely new track. And since the track is new and unknown, they will discover new regions and places that are excellent for future exploring. Nature is unpredictable, so even though they know the terrain well, they can\'t know exactly what is hidden in this place. Now let\'s take part in this interesting adventure and spend some time discovering new regions in the mountain. We know that you will enjoy it there, and maybe it will be a motive for visiting some mountains, just like Olivia and Ethan often do.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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