The Alchemist Village

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Do you believe that a man could turn stone into gold? We could not be sure about that because most of us don\'t know a lot about alchemy but it should be true according the legends... If we don\'t like to believe in legends, we could take it metaphorically. Turning stones into gold could mean investing a lot of efforts and energy into something that could result with a great success...However, this game turns us back into the time of the real alchemists. First, we will meet Patrick who is one of the greatest alchemists in the magic land. Patrick today comes to the alchemist\'s village. It is actually the place where Samuel lives.Samuel is the only alchemist who has bigger powers then Patrick but he is very sick and he doesn\'t have any strength to continue with alchemy. He likes to share all his secrets and all the knowledge with Patrick and that\'s why Patrick is here and he hardly waits to start learning. Let\'s take a look at the alchemist\'s village. Maybe we will learn something that will use us too.

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