Easter Mystery

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Adam loves the Easter holidays! The reason for that is the tradition that repeats every year, to spend those holidays at his grandparents’ place. It is always a great change for him, to visit his grandmother and grandfather and spend some time with them.And grandma and grandpa, know exactly what to do, to animate their grandson. One of his responsibilities, during the Easter holidays, is to help organize the activities related to the holidays.Namely, there are many games for the ones that will visit the grandparents’ house during the holidays and Adam takes part in all of that. His task is to hide the Easter eggs all around the yard so later the others will search for the, and he loves doing this task but this time something unexpected and mysterious happens.All of a sudden, Adam can’t find the eggs that need to be hidden. They simply disappeared and without them the whole game loses sense. What should Adam do next? Where should he look for those eggs? Is it possible that someone stole them?

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