Ultimate Expedition

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Climbing mountains is probably one of the best outdoor activities. You get close to nature while you train your muscles and your spirit. The three friends Betty, Paul, and Carol are exactly into this activity. They are getting ready for their biggest life adventure. The three of them are mountain climbers who love conquering mountain peaks. This time, they aim to conquer the most dangerous peak in their country. And since their aim is so serious, they need to make a lot of preparations before they take on the actual challenge. Their physical and mental condition it\'s on an enviable level, but every peak and every mountain has its own specificity and requires a special approach to climbing. On the other hand, they should adapt to the weather conditions, and take proper equipment. That\'s many things aside from the actual climbing, right? That\'s why our friends-climbers will use some help from us. Let\'s help them in the process of preparations and find out what they actually need to climb a new aim.

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