Mysterious Incident

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Madison, Albert, and Grace are students in Professor Alan\'s class. They love and respect this professor very much and that is why they are always regular in his classes. But he is also a professor who respects his students. He is always on time for class and unreservedly shares his knowledge and experiences. That\'s why Madison, Albert, and Grace were very surprised when their favorite professor did not show up for lectures for three weeks in a row. And not only did he not come to the lectures, but he also did not even announce that he would not come. It was as if he had disappeared, something that was not at all typical of him.The students are worried about their professor and unable to find an answer to the question of where their professor is, so they decide to visit him at his house. But an even bigger surprise awaits them there. The professor is not at home. The house is empty. This further confuses the students, especially Madison, Albert, and Grace who want to find an answer to their dilemmas.Let\'s try to find out what happened to the professor and help the students get the answers to their questions.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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