Lost on Christmas Eve

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When it comes to Christmas Eve, everyone loves to spend it with the close ones, friends and relatives. That is the most magical night in the whole year, makes us start believing in miracles or at least reminds us that we shouldn\'t stop hoping. The Christmas tree is ready, the table is full of tasteful dishes, the friends start gathering together…but, there is always some space for that particular ‘but!\' But even though this night is magical, that doesn\'t mean that things can\'t go wrong. Donna, George and Carol had a plan to spend Christmas in the place of their friends who now live in a distance of few kilometers from the big city. They have imagined everything to be perfect on the Christmas Eve, so they planned everything about it but they didn\'t even think that their car could possibly spoil.And that\'s what actually happen, unfortunately their vehicle suddenly stopped on their way so they have to look for some help from the nearest house. Let\'s see what is going on, and let\'s help Donna, George and Carol to get in their friends\' house on time.

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