Mysterious Thief

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It seems that even the farms can’t be completely safe from thieves. Thieves can visit every possible place and if they have some particular aim, they may visit even many similar places, like in this case. It seems that this thief or these thieves, are into farms. Namely, it is about a robbery of a farm, so alike to few other robberies that happened this year, but the person that has done them is not behind the bars yet.That may suggest that this thief knows his job really good, so the police can’t find him easily. The two detectives Nancy and Donald, together with their team, come in the farm that belongs to the farmer Steven. Actually, it was his farm that was robbed last and now the detectives should try to figure out something more about it.Again, it is about a similar robbery but this time Nancy and Donald are hoping that they will finally reveal the identity of the mysterious robber and but an end to this series of robberies. The detectives could use our help for this case, so let’s help them finish their job successfully.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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