Missing Archeologist

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There is always a certain risk when doing fieldwork or exploring some unknown places. You can never predict what is hiding in that places or is there some danger threatening us. Alice\'s professor is the famous archeologist Bryan. He is known for discovering a lot of important archeological locations and, of course, for his will to be very persistent when looking for something new. But this time Alice is very worried about her professor. He unexpectedly disappeared during his last exploring mission in Egypt. He was up to discover something new and important, but all of a sudden, every trace of him is lost. Alice is scared that maybe her professor Bryan has been kidnapped because of his last discovering. Maybe he found out something that he shouldn\'t, something that was kept as a big secret. Alice comes to Egypt to uncover the truth about the missing professor. Was he really involved in something that was a secret or he simply got lost while he was doing his searches?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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