Scary House

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Linda and Michael are brother and sister. They lived in a nice neighborhood when they were young, except for this one place that was making everyone nervous and scared... Namely, in the same street where Linda and Michael lived, there was a house that overawed everyone, just by seeing it.And when Linda and Michael were very young, they were simply terrified by the house and only the thought of entering there was making them so scared that they would run away home in the same moment. After few years they moved away from that street but the fear from the scary house somehow stayed inside them for many years...Even though Linda and Michael are now all grown up, during those years they felt insecure when they thought about the house from their old streets. Now, after 15 years from the time when they were there for the last time, the brother and the sister decided to come back to the place where they grew up. They are now ready to face the fear and actually enter into the house. They believe that this is the only way for beating the fear.

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