The Gathering Hour

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A few months ago, Christine had an unusual discovery. While being in the house of her grandfather, Christine found the hidden text. Her grandfather always loved reading paranormal literature and he was obsessed with exploring the afterlife and everything related to this topic.Knowing this, Christine wasn\'t that surprised when she found the text, but anyhow, she didn\'t know what to think about its content. What Christine found in the text was that on a particular date, in a particular time, ghosts gather together in her grandfather\'s house.Well, that\'s something! None of us can\'t be sure if this is going to be true or not, even those of us who are into paranormal activities. And actually, this night is the night mentioned in the text, and soon it will be the hour when supposedly those ghosts will appear.Christine is prepared to face this unusual happening and find out what will happen in her grandfather\'s house. Was he the one who wrote those dates, or maybe the ghosts wanted someone to know about them... We are about to find out very soon.

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