The Secret Manuscript

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Is there greater love than the one a father and a daughter have? All right, you might correct us, it is the same story with mother and son thing. Actually, love and devotion in the members of one family - that is priceless! A family member would do anything to help the other, to make someone\'s life better and happier.When we are sad and lonely, family can be our medicine, our comfort. When we are in trouble, we ask for family shoulder to lean on. In good and in bad, they are there for us. It is the story in today game. We are introducing you to a brave girl who fill sacrifice her life to safe her fathers.Bennu, Phoenix daughter comes in the forbidden part of the pyramid wanting to find the secret text where the way of preparation of the long-lived elixir is being described. The pharaoh has ordered for an elixir of eternal life to be made, and in contrary, if such an elixir won\'t be the case, Phoenix is going to be put to death publicly. Because her father means everything to her, she will do anything to safe her one and only sacrificed father. Bennu enters the most secret areas of the pyramid, doing big expense to her life.

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