Quiet village

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The modern urban living seems to offer everything that one contemporary person needs. But it seems that the contemporary life is more turned to material stuff and actually those are things that are so easily reachable. The point is to be able to get everywhere on time, to get all the needed goods, to do everything that the modern capitalism asks from us. But what about art, romance, inspiration and similar things? Is there much inspiration in the grayness of the city pavements or in the drafts of the huge supermarket?! Definitely not, or maybe just a bit.Sharon and Justin are artists and the urban living doesn\'t seem to be the perfect choice for them. The modern life simply doesn\'t offer them what they need and because of their creativity and the lack of inspiration, they decide that maybe it\'s best to move into some small and quiet village. They arrive at one village where they rent a house for the summer period. Here everything is quiet and everyone is so happy because they feel that they have enough inspiration for making their works of art.They start exploring the place right away.

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