Garage Sale Mystery

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Maybe you have already hear about mystery shopping but if you haven\'t, it may sound very strange to you when you see an ad where someone is looking for a secret costumer. The thing is that there are companies that engage those secret costumers, to check out the attitude of some other company, towards its real costumers. After that, they could help this company work better and improve the communication between the employees and the real clients or improve the quality of certain products or services.But we will tell you in confidence that Daniel and Nancy are not this type of secret costumers. At the moment they visit a local garage sale, dressed as regular people, but actually they are two detectives who work undercover. Not to check out the garage sale but to try to solve a complicated case.Namely, for a longer period of time Daniel and Nancy have been working on revealing the truth about the murder of the owner of the biggest chain of restaurants in the country. Following the available traces, the two detectives come to a regular garage sale, under suspicion that someone likes to sell the most important evidences about this case and get rid of them on this way.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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