Truly Dangerous

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The fact is that thieves can be very rude and insolent when they commit their crimes. Being a criminal is an insolent thing by itself, but sometimes the actual acts go very far beyond the limits of normal, unfortunately... Mister Marks\'s children were in their home when this terrible thing happened. A group of thieves entered Mr. Mark\'s home and they scared the children so much! Now, after a few hours, the police are in the house, exploring the whole situation. The two detectives, Barbara and Charles, who are in charge of the case, are at the place of crime scene and they realize that this robbery was a very dangerous and traumatic experience for the kids. Mister Mark, on the other hand, insists the thieves to be found under urgent, sо they could pay for their horrific acts as soon as possible. The police and the detectives, Barbara and Charles, might need some help, so let\'s check out the crime scene together with them, and search for something that can lead them to the actual perpetrators of the crime.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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