Scary Prophecy

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So, there are people that don’t like to know anything about their future. They mainly live in the present and they believe that their future depends on their present actions and that’s all. Aside from this rather rational approach, other people are obsessed with horoscope, others even visit prophets that could predict their future, believing that their future is already guaranteed or someone else could interfere in the direction of their future life…Clare for example was always very curious about her future. She has always been visiting so called \"prophets\" trying to learn something about her destiny. But knowing your destiny sometimes could mean knowing things that are not always good and that could make you rather scared from your future. All of the fortune tellers, Clare has visited so far, have frightened her with scary and mysterious prophecies about her future and the future of her family. The only way she could change her future is by investigating her old family house that is now abandoned.

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