Trapped on Stage

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Thomas is a magician that has been working in the local circus for many years. This man loves his job and takes it as something more than a regular job. He has been in the circus that long and he feels like his colleagues are his family. But it seems that some of his former colleagues are doing something a little bit strange and unexpected...Everything was just fine in the circus until now. Actually, tonight is the first time Thomas has ever experienced paranormal activities. He has heard about it, but never truly believed in those stories. Now, he is a witness to something that can\'t be denied. It seems that the ghosts of past circus performers have returned to the circus to haunt the stage! Like they want to be here again and do their performances which is very strange and scary.Thomas feels a responsibility that he must find a way to get rid of the ghosts and make the circus a safe place again. He will do everything to bring things back as they were before.

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