Tale of Wonder

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Welcome to one magical tale, a tale of wonder! We say wonder because the things that happen in this tale are not ordinary. It is about something that will make you wonder and will make you think if those things exist.In the beginning, meet the fairy named Ruth and her best friend Rose. Those two girls arrive at the village of the wizards. Yes, you are right - it is about a place full of real wizards, and those wizards can help our fairies a lot! Namely, there is something bad happening in their village - the village of the fairies. This village has been attacked by evil demons, so Ruth and Rose are trying to find the magical objects that will help them defend their home from the attacks of the evil demons. This is a very serious situation for the fairies, so our two brave friends will have to do their best to help the village.Let\'s help the fairy Rose and her friend in their mission and make sure that everything will be in the right order, as it was before. This is a nice chance to sneak and see what is happening in the wizards\' village too.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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