Caribbean Mysteries

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The big seas and oceans always inspire us with strange stories. Sailors, boats, mysteries, all of that is a great adventure that make us think of pirates, free people who want to explore the nature. But adventures, very often bring us into danger, because one can not know what lies behind something when it is unknown to us. How many ships are there lying deep down beneath the surface. Captain Brian arrives on the island where a big cruiser is situated on seaside. No one knows a single thing about this vehicle. There are no voyagers, no crew. And now Captain Brian wants to try to find out something more about this ship, where did it come from, how old it is. And what other better way to find out the answers for this mystery, than using the method of answering riddles. He is very curious person and wants to find out what actually happened to this mysterious cruiser.We are convinced that riddles are one of the most interesting forms of questing yourself, a challenge that you don\'t want to miss. We offer you great party, we assure you. Be a little bit a detective, a little bit a captain. Why not?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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