Dark Avenue Motel

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Running a hotel seems to be an easy job. You need to take care of the hygiene of the hotel, to make sure the food is tasty, to have other activities or offers like beauty saloons, a gym, and a pool, and the hotel will earn the trust of the customers. And those things are manageable, but from time to take owners of hotels can face challenges of other types, like problems with the guests or maybe some criminal actions that might happen there. This time the owner of the Motel Lauren has a very serious situation at work. Namely, a dead body was found in one of the rooms of her hotel. She called detective Frances and policeman Dylan to find out what happened there. The dead man is a commercial traveler who was staying at the motel and suddenly passed away in one of the rooms. The detective has a task to find out if it was about a natural death or if something else happened there.Let\'s take part in this investigation and find out what happened with the late guest.

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