Midnight Ritual

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The need for belonging exists in each one of us. That need starts when we are very young since we all wanted to fit in on the playground, to fit in in the kindergarten, to fit in in school and so on. However, some people have a need to fit in in some rather extraordinary groups like the sect. Sects have different issues that relate the people that decide to take part in some of them, religious, political, philosophic or other.However, sometimes the people that take part of this sects perform certain activities that can\'t be accepted that easily by their surroundings... Brenda is a secret agent that works on the case of revealing the sect that performs strange and suspicious activities or to be more precise, the sect that performs extraordinary rituals in one abandoned house.Somehow she has managed to become a member of this sect and today is her first day as a member who will take part in the ritual, wearing proper clothes for the whole act. She has arrived earlier from the others with intention to find out certain evidences that will help her arrest the members of this sect.

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