Detective Brandon

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Detective Brandon is on a new mission – to find the killer of mister Marvin! When it comes to criminal acts, especially murders, it is very delicate and very difficult to find out the person responsible for it. And the murderer could be anyone, but when the close relatives are included in the suspects, the detectives are especially careful.It is supposed that they tell the truth but sometimes they are the ones that actually hide the truth one could guess at the beginning how is the truth hidden... Now we will take part in solving of a real criminal case so let\'s see what is this case about.In this case mister Marvin has been murdered. He is murdered in his own house and according to the claims of the members of his family, Mr. Marvin was alone in his house at that time. Detective Brandon who is on a new mission – to find the killer of mister Marvin, likes to find out if the members of the family are telling the truth or they know something that could help him solve the whole case.

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