Dusty Badlands

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Yeah, we all know from the cowboy movies that being a bounty hunter is something that many people did in the Wild West. Or at least it is like that in fiction. Finding someone that is wanted by the authorities because he is a criminal, seems like a proper way to earn money in the movies, but it doesn’t mean that it is something that everyone can be successful at doing.Becky and Chioke come from the Wild West and they are bounty hunters searching for the cowboy criminals that have the biggest bounty on their heads. They are real professionals and they always aim very high. Today they are after Ricky the Snake. Yes, his name sounds intriguing and he has a story about it.Ricky the Snake was famous for robbing towns and then fleeing to the dusty dry badlands. That’s how he got his nickname \"Desert Snake\". Now, it\'s time for our cowboy bounty hunters to set a trap for the “snake” and collect their reward. Let’s help them confirm their reputation and catch one more of those criminals.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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