Voice of Gold

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Every profession has its own goals. When it comes to the musicians, usually that means performing in front of huge audience, which also means having a concert in some of those bigger halls and theaters. For opera singers for example, some theaters are more prestigious than others and when they are invited to perform in those significant ones, they feel as they\'ve reached the peak in their profession.Edith is a young opera singer, who has her first performance at the national theater. That is the stage that presents only the greatest names of the opera and that is something that makes Edith really happy and extremely proud. Another thing that makes Edith happy is the fact that finally she will perform at the place her biggest idol performed. It is about the world famous singer Lauren that was known by the name Voice of Gold.The young opera singer Edith is already at the place, waiting for her performance but she has come there little bit earlier. The reason for that is that she likes to take a look at the theater first. She likes to see if there are some of the objects that were also used by her idol because she likes to feel that spirit and connect with the Voice of Gold. She believes that this will help her to concentrate better and also have a good performance that will be remembered by everyone that will have the chance to hear it.

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