House of Memories

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We all have memories related to our past. Some of those memories are good and some are bad, but they both make our lives; they make us be what we are today. The childhood memories are usually the best memories, full with love, confidence and security. That’s why we recall those memories every time when we feel sad or something difficult is going on in our lives. There is one secret place, deep in our soul, a place that we visit every time when we feel betrayed…Joyce always wanted to come back in the house where she lived when she was just a child. That was the house of her grandparents. She grew up there and lived there until she was 10. Joyce has numerous beautiful memories that make her feel connected to this house, and that is the reason why she likes to come back to this house.Or more precisely, she likes to remember the days of her childhood, spent with her grandmother and her grandfather. Let’s sneak into Joyce’s memories and find out what were the things that used to make her happy.

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