Castle Treasure

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Dorothy and Kevin have always been interested in old castles. It came spontaneously since they are surrounded by abandoned castles in the place where they live. They try to find adequate literature about those castles, to find out from when they date, who lived there or if there is something left after they had been abandoned. While they were exploring the castles, Dorothy and Kevin found out about one very interesting castle in their country. The castle is abandoned but according to the search they have made, exactly this castle hides a hidden treasure. That is something that can\'t be found often, so the two friends became very excited about it. They would like to find out something more about the castle and they hope that the treasure is still there. The mission of the two friends is to find the hidden castle treasure, so we can help them in their mission. Let\'s search together with Dorothy and Kevin and try to find what has been left in the castle, many years ago. The mission can be successful, or maybe not, but it\'s surely worth trying.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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