Servants of the Forest

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Harmony exists when people are happy being in one place, living joyfully with no problems and headaches. People get used to the links that they make with friends and families, with certain relations that they enjoy. But, when someone comes on board and has a bad mission and that is to ruin the harmony, then the satisfaction is gone. And then we would do anything to return back the peace that we enjoyed. It is the same thing in mythology, as well.Odona, Poxion and Azdea are mythological creatures who protect and serve the woods. Their mission is to take care of the forest and to make sure that harmony prevails on this place. Every day they have to make a circle around the forest and to find the objects that someone has left and their actual place is not there.That is the only way that the forest will return its harmony again. No one knows the reason why someone wanted to harm this lovely forest, but now since the problem exists, it has to be solved. And we are pretty much sure that you will help this forest.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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