First Class Crime

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Sometimes no matter in what kind of conditions we are, some stupid thing might happen to us. If you believe that nothing wrong can come on board when you are travelling even in the first class airplane or in some expensive ship, you are making a mistake. Murphy very often comes on board actually.Rich people travel with good vehicles, exclusive planes so they would feel comfortable and safe. But, that is not always the case. Such situation happened to our heroes of today\'s game. We are introducing you to few travelers who are very angry and are very disappointed that during their trip few very important things were missing to them.Detectives Betty, Steve and policeman Mark are on a duty to discover who has stolen the voyagers in the first class of the international train. Few first class voyagers complained that a lot of worthy personal things and money are missing. They have to find evidences and to discover the thieves. Though they are rich, they are still angry and deserve your support. Try to make them feel better.

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