The Easter Story

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Helen\'s favorite holiday is Easter. And while some people can\'t even imagine and are so tired from doing colorful creative objects and similar things, Helen loves decorating the yard and her home. She is so in love with Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and other decorations related to this beautiful holiday. Actually, this is something that she waits the whole year and when Easter comes, she invests her whole energy in doing things related to the holiday.Thinking about the preparations for Easter this year, Helen remembers that there are so many beautiful Easter decorations in the house of her grandmother. She plans to go into her grandmother\'s house and look for something that will suit to her idea about for decorating.Today is the day when Helen arrives in the house with one single idea, to search everything very carefully and find the decorations. She likes to find something for her home, but also something for the yard. Let\'s help her and maybe we will get an inspiration for decorating our homes too.

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