Creepy Legend

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Urban legends are always around us. They talk about some strange people, about unusual happenings, about places that seem to be surrounded by some mysterious energy. Usually, there are no logical explanations for those legends, not even proofs that they actually happened or exist but there are numerous rumors and people seem to believe in those rumors. There are many legends related to the property of the grand grandmother of the young girl named Rose. When we gather them all together, the legend that is most often retold in the family says that this property is cursed and some ghosts rule the property. Rose has gathered enough courage so she likes to check out the veracity of this legend. Now she has arrived at the property of her grand grandmother, prepared to enter there and face whoever appears in front of her. Do you feel frightened by the legend about the ghosts on the property? If not, let\'s help Rose find out what is hidden in this place. We will find out if those rumors are true, or it\'s simply about a creepy legend, without any coverage.

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