The Riddle Man

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Everybody knows that deep in the woods there is a small wooden cottage, a place where the so-called riddle man lives. Many people think that they are good in riddles, that they are smart enough and nothing can surprise them when it comes to solving those small challenging questions but is it really like that?!Namely, numerous people have come here, trying to answer the riddles given by the riddle man right but no one managed to do that. Sooner or later, everyone failed to give the right answer, sometimes they didn\'t have an answer at all. But Kimberly is a type of girl that doesn\'t like to be compared with the others. She doesn\'t assume that if no one succeeded to do something, she won\'t be able to do it too.Karen believes in herself and that\'s why she is determined to be the first person that will solve all the riddles. And since she believes so much, we believe in her too, so let\'s start today\'s adventure and see how would Karen deal with all those riddles. We wish her a good concentration, great focus and a lot of luck!

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