The Path of Truth

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Timothy is one of the most famous adventurers. He is not just a person who takes those adventures like a simple hobby. Namely, Timothy has discovered many old cities and has written a lot of books about lost civilizations that existed in the past. Those information was very important and helped a lot to the historians that are always open to discovering new aspects of the human history.Our adventurer Timothy sometimes travels alone, but this time he is together with his assistants Amy and Eric. They together arrive at the island of Romnola. It is assumed that here, on this island, lived the civilization that also had the name Romnola and only few people around the world know something about this civilization. That’s why Timothy is so excited that he and his teammates will find out something that will be significant for them and for the historians.Let’s take a look at this special island and learn some new things about it, together with the adventurer Timothy and his assistant. This will be a very interesting experience, so let’s start.

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