City of Crime

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Detectives Kelly and Peter come to the Chinese Quarter. This area of the city is known for frequent clashes between the families who have the biggest businesses here, so this part of the city is called the City of Crime. The Chinese may seem like peaceful people, but the struggle for prestige and a better livelihood for everyone creates clans that further fall into a series of conflict situations. Additionally, the rate of crime in this Quarter is rising all the time, so it isn\'t a safe place to be or live anymore. Kelly and Peter are at the place. They have the task of finding out who is behind the latest crime in Chinatown. They will have to sneak into the quarter and find out something more about the place. They need to find out who are the main people who live and work there, and then find out what makes tensions between them. The Chinese Quarter is such a big place so our detectives will need some help from us for this task. Let\'s search the whole place, together with them, and try to find out what is happening there.

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