Flea Market Finds

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Teresa has a very exciting day ahead of her. Namely, it was her idea for everyone in her neighborhood to have a yard sale. However, many people live on that street, and there are many houses and yards, so it seems that these yard sales will turn into something bigger, a real flea market. It seems that the whole street will turn into a street market that provides space for vendors to sell previously owned second-hand goods. Teresa\'s idea is wonderful and useful, but if there are so many vendors, the whole event needs to be well organized. However, Teresa is the main organizer, and she has to do her best to make everything go smoothly. If it were only a few yards, everything would probably be easier, but in this case, the responsibility is greater. Let\'s join Teresa in the organization of this event that has started to take on really big proportions. You will probably need help in organizing the vendors and arranging the goods that are for sale, and it is expected that many other little things will come that will affect the whole event.

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