Haunted Garden

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Now it is time for a magical story, a story that involves witches and magical creatures, and a scary, haunted garden full of cursed objects! Do you feel those chills in your body? Probably you are wondering if you are prepared for this kind of adventure. We assure you that you are, this haunted garden needs to be set free, once and for all... But, let\'s start from the beginning. Lori gets to the scary garden that is located in the property that once belonged to the witch Kayla. She is here to find the cursed objects, left here by the witch. Because of those objects, ghosts are still coming into the garden, disturbing everyone who may pass here. Lori believes that if she finds the cursed objects, the ghosts won\'t come here anymore. Is that possible? Are those ghosts willing to do that? Well, we will find out this very soon, but before anything happens, we need to find those objects. Let\'s help Lori finish her task, hoping that the witch won\'t try to mix up the thongs and make some trouble.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Scary



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