Frozen Tracks

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Climbing mountains is a very interesting hobby. Many people are interested in it because that way they could enjoy the fresh air and do some physical activity at the same time which is very important. However, climbing mountains could be a very dangerous hobby in case that the person is not adequately prepared for the mission. Maybe you don\'t need so much practice for a summer climbing mission but in winter, being prepared is an imperative. You face with extremely low temperatures and walking on the snow is rather harder than simply walking over the mountains.Vivian and Dustin are experienced mountain climbers that have been on many missions together. They are very skilled and know how to survive under any circumstances. Anyhow, climbing could be complicated sometimes. Even though they are not in a trouble or something similar, the people that climb the mountain together with them could also get into a trouble too...This time Vivian and Dustin, together with their friends, are on a really complicated mission. Two members of their expedition are lost in extreme winter conditions in the mountain. They will do anything in order to find them but they would also need some help because the weather is really cold and rainy. That means that the tracks left behind the lost people could be hidden with snow for a very short period of time.

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