Hidden Pirateland

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Pirates are always an interesting topics for our games. Those adventurous boys and girls, men and women are evergreen topics. Interesting with their outfits, with their attitude, and even more, with their life style, they are interesting for artist who want to create stories, movies, cartoons. Your fantasy can go very far concerning their life styles and actions.Pirates mission is to get to strange places, to attack rich ships, to take their wealth. They fear nothing, love to explore new places and meet different people, tribes and hang around. Pirate girls Betty and Lisa, together with pirate captain James arrive in the secret land of pirates, so called Pirate land. They are here for the first time and hardly wait to explore this land. A lot of treasures and secrets are hidden here. Let\'s start discovering it together.No one knows what\'s hiding behind this secret place. If you take this challenge in your hand you will find out very soon! Good luck and enjoy it!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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