Pet Theft

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Veterinarians definitely have a hard job, same as the doctors. They are taking care of lives, just that in this case, they are taking care of aminals\' lives, hot humans, which is equally complicated. Their job is very responsible and that\'s why they have to take care of everything with a lot of attention and dedication. And most of them are working like that, focusing on the health of the animals, but sometimes it seems that they have to take care of something else as well... Detective Janet and the policeman Mark come to the Veterinary clinic that is located in their city. There has been a report about a few pets stolen from the clinic. Some people were that imprudent and dared to steal the innocent animals while someone was saving their lives! Now the detective and the policeman have a task to finish in front of them, to explore the whole space in and around the Veterinary clinic, to find out something that could point them to the person who is responsible for stealing the pets.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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