Treasure Cargo

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Gloria and Russel are definitely people who have an extraordinary way of life. They are adventurers who travel around the world, looking for excitement, not just excitement of any kind. They look for new places, explore new locations, and search for artifacts... This time, their adventures have taken them to Ancient Egypt. And when they were exploring, they found very important and valuable things, a treasure which is important for Egypt\'s history. Now the two of them travel by boat, taking the objects to their country, where they will do a restoration. After the restoration is done, they will have to take the objects back to Egypt, where they should be set in a museum. And this whole procedure is not easy at all. It is about a treasure with great value but at the same time, this is a very important discovery. That means that Gloria and Russel have to make sure that nothing will happen with the valuable objects. They have to keep them safe on the trip, but also to bring them back to Egypt.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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