Suburban Secrets

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Spies are mostly seen in the movies. Actually, a fictional character - the spy James Bond, is probably the best-known sky in the whole world, but that doesn\'t mean that spies are just part of the fiction. Spies really exist and they can be found where you least expect them, sometimes even in your neighborhood. In the suburb where Betty, Steven, and Sharon live, moved the Rodrigez family. They seem like a normal family at first sight, but after a while, Betty, Steven, and Sharon started being suspicious about them. They believe that the members of the Rodrigez family are professional spies who are working undercover. The three neighbors are really suspicious about them, so they like to take provide their own investigation, to confirm the identity of the new neighbors. Betty, Steven, and Sharon use the moment when the Rodrigez family is not at home, and they start their own mission. They like to discover something more about this mysterious family and check out if they are still safe in their own suburb.

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