The Outlanders

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Leaving your own country is not an easy thing to do. One has to be very determined to leave one comfort zone to go and explore new living conditions and situations. You need to start from all over again, to accommodate in new environment, meet new people, try to be friends with them. And things are even more complicated when children are involved. They will study in new school, get to know new friend and be part of one society.The dream of America and the wish to go there and live decent life begins at the start of twentieth century. People dreamed big and and they fantasized to be rich and live comfortably. Such characters we have in today game. Donald, George and Laura are newcomers in the promised country America.For the first time they meet the local habits and for the first time they meet cowboys who live in classical small towns. For the newcomers everything is new here, so they have to accommodate to a new country. Our player has the role of their host. He will be helping him in their accommodation. Good luck!

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