Farm Rescue

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People believe that they can keep everything under control. Moreover, there are some tries to control the weather, even though at the end that is impossible, we have to admit. These tries are probably with intention to get a better control over the agriculture and other industries related to the weather but it seems that people will still be the ones that will adapt themselves to the weather, not the opposite.The local farmers are the witnesses of the \'weather\'s free will\' since they are working very hard to raise their fruits properly, even though the weather has decided to act opposite to what is typical for that part of the season. The two farmers, Nancy and David, have called their friends and relatives to help them save their farm. This year was very bad for them because there was a terrible drought and the biggest part of the crop they breed is damaged.They have to do everything they can in order to help the farm, which means a lot of physical work but also applying a lot of techniques that will save the plants. Let\'s help Nancy and David have a successful season.

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