Murder Notes

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Roy wanted to become a detective his whole life. He watched those detective movies since he was very young and always imagined himself as the one that is able to solve even the most complicated cases. And it seems that this dream will become true for Roy. He has been working very hard and earned a place at the police station in his town. He might be the youngest detective here but his ambitions are really big.Roy stands in front of his next case, a case that might elevate his career to another, higher level. He has been set to solve a case of a murder. it is about a case that is more serious than the cases he has worked on before, so he is willing to give his best in order to solve it and prove that he has become more than just a rookie.Roy takes the challenge rather seriously and we hope that he will manage to solve it. Since we know how much is this case important for the young detective Roy, we could offer him some help about the evidences. Do you think that you could help him find the evidences?

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