Mystical Night

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Well this is a real magical fairy vs. witch story, something that we don\'t read about very often. Yes, there are those mystical creatures in the fiction but what about the combinations? We\'ll check out and see what is it about.So, three exceptional ladies – the sorceress Bedra, the forest sorceress Camelia and the fairy Mina, arrive at the secret forest house that belongs to their king. It\'s not that they will have just a regular visit of the king, but it is about something more serious. Namely, the king has actually been kidnapped by the evil witches of the king Albedo, the king that rules the neighboring kingdom. You may imagine how serious is this situation, so something has to be taken in order to bring the king back.The task of the three ladies is to find out the objects and the secret ingredients, needed for making powerful magic. They need that powerful magic, that could make those evil witches fall asleep, so they could set their king free. You may guess that this is a rather unique situation we are dealing with, so wake up the magic in you and let\'s help save the king.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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