Haunted Warehouse

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For good detectives there is no problem to solve any new case. No matter how difficult it is, or how much trouble it may give them, they will do their best to solve the situation. Those are people who live for the moments of truth, the very important moment of bringing justice to life. They never give up, even when it seems very complicated for a situation to be solved.Such kind of detectives we have in today game. There is no force that will make them give up from their mission to solve this very important case. Imagine you have a place possessed with some unknown energy, ghost that will fulfill very important space.Detectives Steve, Sandra and Peter are in front of a very important mission. There is a warehouse possessed by ghosts. Detectives now should discover what is going on and they should chase away the evil creatures that are surrounding the warehouse. If you help these adventure lovers to solve the case, the pleasure would be double, for you and for the three hard-working detectives.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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