The Lost Map

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There are many different articles that talk about the oldest map of the world. Many experts believe that the earliest ancient Greek who is said to have constructed a map of the world is Anaximander of Miletus (c. 611–546 BC), pupil of Thales. According to his knowledge, he believed that the earth was a cylindrical form, like a stone pillar and suspended in space and his map corresponded to this description.Kathleen together with her brother and her sister are going to their grandfather\'s house. We are not sure if it was Anaximander\'s map but they remember that their grandfather had the first map of the world in his property. They believe that now, the pieces of this map can be found in the old grandfather\'s house so they are there looking for them. Since this map was well kept and it was not something that was used often, the precise place where it is hidden could not be found easily.There are exactly six pieces missing to complete the map but they are not just given like that, they are well hidden. W Let\'s search around together with Kathleen and her brother and sister, hoping that we will find all pieces and see how the first map looked like. Maybe this map will reveal us many important things about the world order.

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