Abandoned Throne

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We might think that the titles are eternal but that is not true, even for the royals because always there is someone running after their fortune...Meet Amy. Amy is a princess, a real one, but unfortunately she is dealing with a complicated and undesirable situation. She is actually the daughter of the king Nicholas. This king has lost his throne when he was fighting the evil forces of the queen Cynthia.In this battle, the evil queen has conquered everything, including Amy’s father castle. In this moment, the queen Cynthia lives in the castle but the king’s daughter doesn’t like to leave everything to her. She likes to get back what belongs to her so now she is on a mission to get into the castle and face the evil queen Cynthia.You may guess how important is this mission to Amy so let’s help her bring back the throne, and her father could become a king again. This mission might be hard because we will be dealing with the dark and evil forces of the queen so everything can be expected. Let’s do our best and we will see if the throne will come back where it belongs.

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